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School supplies wholesale

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  • Price
    ₱ 1,234
  • Date posted
    01/13/2018 (January 13, 2018)
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  • Classification
    For sale
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    Not Specified
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    Not Specified
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    Business Opportunities
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School supplies wholesale School supplies wholesale

MAR school supplies and Gen. Mdse.
Wholesaler and retailer
Pasillo O Picache bldg Tabora st binondo manila
(Infront of psbank tabora near divisoria mall)
Landline #: 2515078
Cellphone #: 09275056822
Facebook: MAR school supply

List of items;
Writing notebook
Composition notebook
Spiral notebook
Spiral with yarn notebook
University notebook
Small notebook
Pad paper 1
Pad paper 2
Pad paper 3
Pad paper 4
Intermediate pad
1/4 quiz pad
Bond paper short
Bond paper long
Colored paper asstd. short
Colored paper asstd. long
Colored paper single color
Oslo paper
Art paper
Construction paper
Sticker paper glossy
Sticker paper matte
Folder white short
Folder white long
Folder colored short
Folder colored long
Folder plastic sliding short
Folder plastic sliding long
Folder morocco short
Folder morocco long
Folder expanded short
Folder expanded long
Folder jacket short
Folder jacket long
Clearbook short
Clearbook long
Brown envelope short
Brown envelope long
Plastic envelope short clear
Plastic envelope long clear
Plastic envelope with handle
Plastic cover cut sized
Plastic cover 50m roll
Cartolina light color
Cartolina dark color
Manila paper
Index card 1/8
Index card 1/4
Index card 1/2
Record book 150 pages
Record book 200 pages
Record book 300 pages
Record book 500 pages
Illustration board 1/8
Illustration board 1/4
Illustration board 1/2
Pencil mongol
Pencil black xl
Pencil mongol xl
Pencil hbw
Pencil faber castell
Pencil yellow pinoy
Ballpen hbw 2000
Ballpen hbw matrix retractable
Ballpen panda classique
Ballpen panda crystal
Ballpen dong a genuine
Crayons crayola brand 8
Crayons crayola brand 16
Crayons crayola brand 24
Crayons hbw 8
Crayons hbw 16
Crayons hbw 24
Crayons brand ord 8
Crayons brand ord 16
Crayons brand ord 24
Crayons island 8
Crayons island 16
Crayons isalnd 24
Color poster paint hbw
Color poster paint acura
Color pencil
Color pentel 8
Color pentel 16
Oil pastel 8
Oil pastel 12
Oil pasel 18
Oil pastel 24
Water color 8
Water color 18
Water color aquarelle
Acrylic paint bottle
Book coloring
Book drawing
Book story
Booklet abakada
Map asian 25’s
Map world. 25’s
Map philippine 25’s
Spelling book 1-3
Spelling book 1-4
Gift wrapper all occasion
Scissor small
Scissor medium
Scissor large
Scissor hbw 4”
Scissor hbw 5”
Scissor hbw 6”
Scissor hbw 7”
Scissor big single small
Scissor big single med
Scissor big single large
Tape packaging 50 meter
Tape packaging 100 meter
Tape packaging 300 meter
Tape big hole 1/2 inch
Tape big hole 3/4 inch
Tape big hole 1 inch
Tape small hole 1/2 inch
Tape small hole 3/4 inch
Tape small hole 1 inch
Tape double sided 1/2
Tape double side 3/4
Tape double sided 1 inch
Tape masking 1/2
Tape masking 3/4
Tape masking 1 inch
Tape double sided foam type 1/2
Tape double sided foam type 3/4
Tape double sided foam type 1 inch
Tape dispenser small
Tape dispenser medium
Tape dispenser large
Tape packaging dispenser
Stapler no. 10
Stapler no. 35
Staple wire no. 10
Staple wire no. 35
Staple wire MAX no. 10
Staple wire MAX no. 35
Puncher small
Puncher medium
Puncher large
Playing cards pacquaio
Playing cards crown
Playing cards casino
Correction fluid
Correction pen
Correction tape 10 m
Correction tape 40 m
Correction tape w/ pen bundle
Sticker character
Sticker letter
Sticker number
Sticker subject
Sharpener 2hole
Sharpener 3 hole
Sharpener design
Paper clip small
Paper clip big
Battery aa
Battery aaa
Pentel pen marker brand
Pentel pen hbw
Pentel pen pilot
Pentel white board erasing brand
Pentel white board hbw
Modelling clay single color
Modelling clay multi color
Ruler 6” clear
Ruler 12” clear
Ruler 12” wood
Ruler combo set with pro/tri
Shoes glue
Window card
Flash card
Glue hbw white small
Glue hbw white big
Glue hbw clear tube
Glue elmers white small
Glue elmers white big
Glue elmers bottle
Glue 2 in 1 ord.
Glue joy white small

Pasillo O Picache bldg. Tabora st. binondo
(Infront of psbank tabora near dvmall)
Globe # 09275056822
Local # 2515078 / 6662044 / 6683552
Facebook: MARschoolsupply

Toyota fortuner

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