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Jigger Machine

  • Manila
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  • Price
    ₱ 88,888
  • Date posted
    06/18/2019 (June 18, 2019)
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    For sale
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Jigger Machine
Jigger Machine
Jigger Machine
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Sieve jigs are fixed type, suitable for metal ore, such as tungsten, gold placer, selection of tin ore, etc., can be used for both selected fine-grained materials, can also be used to choose raw materials, to the Reviews largest size for 6 to 8 mm. but in the sands of individual cases, the biggest size is 12 mm

Working principle of the jig is in essence in the vertical alternating medium under the action of flow (air or water) makes the proportion of different mineral raw materials in accordance with the proportion of layered, jigging separation results is that the proportion of different mineral raw materials in the jig separation tank height occupies a different position, the proportion of larger occupy the lower, heavy Become mineral or ore concentrate, the proportion of smaller occupy the upper, called light mineral or tailings. In the end, the two raw materials are separated by special equipment, and the concentrates and tailings are Obtained. In the production process, the raw material is constantly being put into the jig, producing layers and constantly discharging out of the machine, the which forms the continuous jig selection process.

The process capacity is big
Improves the fine-grained level in recovery of useful minerals
The stroke can be adjusted
The particle size range, high recovery rate
Water, covers an area of ​​less
Can handle mineral particle size up to 60 mm

Toyota fortuner

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