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VISIBILITY (Gradiometer) for treasure hunting

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  • Price
    ₱ 675,000
  • Date posted
    8 months ago (October 09, 2019)
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    For sale
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    Brand New
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VISIBILITY (Gradiometer) for treasure hunting
VISIBILITY (Gradiometer) for treasure hunting
VISIBILITY (Gradiometer) for treasure hunting
VISIBILITY (Gradiometer) for treasure hunting
VISIBILITY (Gradiometer) for treasure hunting
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For more details kindly look for Christian Basbas or call/text:

Smart 09104791703
Globe 09569980551

VISIBILITY (Gradiometer)
PESOS 675,000
Gradiometers measure the earth's magnetic field. This field consists of the so-called main field, which changes slowly and causes deviations due to local deviations, such as the presence of ore or ferrous objects in the ground. By measuring these local deviations of the total magnetic field, the location of ferromagnetic objects and layers can be determined. The dimension of the deviation is proportional to the amount of ferromagnetic material in the ground. To detect metallic objects, peak values in the registered data are analyzed according to their horizontal and vertical position, approximate dimensions, and the iron mass of the metallic object.

The basis for geomagnetics is the existence of an earthly magnetic field. In it all substances (all!) Get magnetic properties through an induction process or - in other words - an induced magnetization.

The 3D technology of "OPTIMUM DETECH" strengthens this material property, also differently defined magnetic susceptibility precisely and offers a very accurate 3D representation in real time. The device can differ by many orders of magnitude for materials which are important in geophysics (rocks, ores, in the environmental field: iron-metallic objects, fired ceramics [bricks!]).

By induction in the earth's magnetic field, rock bodies or other objects themselves become a kind of magnet with a surrounding magnetic field. This magnetic field is superimposed on the inducing (so-called normal) earth field as a disturbing field; it generates anomalies in the normal field.

The measurement of such anomalies and magnetized bodies and objects is looked up by the OPTIMUM DETECH technology, demarcated and moddeliert (position, depth, shape).

Technical characteristics / DATA:
- 1 meter super sensor
- 10-bit ADC 16-MHz microcontroller
- Operating voltage of the sensor 5VDC operating current 20 mA
- Bandwidth 0-1 kHz (3 dB)
- Measuring range 100 µT measuring range
- Low battery consumption
- Windows laptop / TABLET_removable display (with touchscreen)

Toyota fortuner

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