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Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle for Cummins DLLA143P2155 0 433 172 155

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    ₱ 13
  • Date posted
    5 months ago (October 23, 2019)
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Photo Gallery
Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle for Cummins DLLA143P2155 0 433 172 155 Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle for Cummins DLLA143P2155 0 433 172 155

OT Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle for Cummins DLLA143P2155 0 433 172 155

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Body Material: SteeL
OEM;: 0 433 172 155
Stamping no.:DLLA143P2155

Certification: ISO9001, TS16949
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
Carburettor Type: Horizontal Draught
Needle Color: Black
Warranty: 6 Months
Application for Injector:
Transport Package: 1 PC/Plastic Tube, 10 PCS/Box
Origin: China
Fuel: Diesel
Component: Auto Nozzle
Stroke: 4 Stroke
Fuel Saver Type: Solid-fuel Catalyst and Air Aeration
Weight: 0.04kg
Stamping Number: DSLA156P737
Specification: 1.5cm * 7cm
HS Code: 8409999990

China Lutong Parts Plant is one of the major Chinese companies in the manufacturing and supply of diesel engine parts.
How the nozzle working?The fuel flows down through a fuel passage in the injector body and into the pressure chamber. The high fuel pressure in the pressure chamber forces the needle valve upward, compressing the needle valve return spring and forcing the needle valve open. When the needle valve opens, diesel fuel is discharged into the combustion chamber in a hollow cone spray pattern. Learn more about Engine Lubrication & Cooling Systems Here.
How a common rail injection system work?
A common rail is one of the most important components in a diesel and gasoline direct injection system. The main difference between a direct and a standard injection is the delivery of fuel and the way how this one mixes with incoming air. In the direct injection system, the fuel is directly injected into the combustion chamber, skipping the waiting period in the air intake manifold. Controlled by the electronic unit, the fuel is squirted directly where the combustion chamber is hottest, which makes it burn more evenly and thoroughly.

The main advantages of the common rail direct fuel injection can be summarized in reduction of exhaust and noise emissions, better fuel efficiency and improved overall engine performance. The system consists of a high-pressure pump, injectors, a rail, and an electronic control unit.

Common rail Injector as one of most important components in common rail injection system, It is an accessory that must be replaced at high frequencies in the system.
CHINA-LUTONG is specialize in providing high quality common rail injectors.

The merits of the common rail fuel injection system architecture have been recognized since the development of the diesel engine.Lower fuel pump peak torque requirements. As high speed direct injection (HSDI) engines developed, more of the energy to mix the air with fuel came from the fuel spray momentum as opposed to the swirl mechanisms employed in older, IDI combustion systems. Only high pressure fuel injection systems were able to provide the mixing energy and good spray preparation needed for low PM and HC emissions. To generate the energy required to inject the fuel in approximately 1 millisecond, the conventional distributor pump would have to provide nearly 1 kW of hydraulic power in four 1 ms bursts per pump revolution, thus placing considerable strain on the drive shaft. One of the reasons behind the trend toward common rail systems was to minimize the maximum pump torque requirement. While the power and average torque requirements of the common rail pump were similar, high pressure fuel delivery is to an accumulator and thus the peak flow rate (and peak torque required to drive the pump) does not have to coincide with the injection event as is the case with the distributor pump. Pump discharge flow can be spread out over a longer portion of the engine cycle to keep pump torque demand more even.
Improved noise quality. DI engines are characterized by higher peak combustion pressures and, thus, by higher noise than IDI engines. It was found that improved noise and low emissions were best achieved by introducing pilot injection(s). This was most easily realized in the common rail system, which was capable of stable deliveries of small pilot fuel quantities over the entire load/speed range of the engine.

CHINA-LUTONG is specialize in providing high quality common rail injectors.
Below is some of high quality common rail diesel injector for sales on the market:
Injector NO.: Engine
0 445 120 007 Cummins ISBe
0 445 120 212 Cummins ISBe,EEA
0 445 120 238 Cummins
0 445 120 255 Cummins(USA)
0 445 120 059 Cummins SAA6D107E-1
0 445 120 121 Cummins ISLe_EU3
0 445 120 122 Cummins ISLe
0 445 120 123 Cummins ISLe4 cyls,6 cyls
0 445 120 125 Cummins PC359-7,QSL9
0 445 120 133 Cummins QSL8.9
0 445 120 161 CumminsIsbe-EU4
0 445 120 231 Cummins QSB6.7
0 445 120 236 Cummins PC359-7,QSL9
0 445 120 241 CumminsISLE
0 445 120 289 CumminsISDe_EU3
0 445 120 081 Xichai 6DF,4DF
0 445 120 153 Russian Kamz
0 445 120 078 Xichai 6DL1,6DL2
0 445 120 106 Dongfeng DCI11_EDC7
0 445 120 110 Yuchai YC4E,YC6J_EU4
0 445 120 215 Xichai 390PS,430PS,6DM2
0 445 120 217 MAN Engine
0 445 120 225 Yuchai CRSN2-BL,YC4G
0 445 120 266 Weichai Pw_CRSN2-BL_6Cyl_WP12
0 445 120 309 Dongfeng DCI11_EDC7
0 445 120 310 Dongfeng DCI11_EDC7
0 445 120 387 Dongfeng DCI11_EDC7
0 445 120 391 Weichai WP10
0 445 110 126 HYUNDAI & KIA
0 445 110 293 Great Wall
0 445 110 305 Kobelco, Jmc 4jb1 Tc
0 445 110 313 JAC Foton
0 445 110 317 Xinchen Engine 116kw
0 445 110 335 JAC 2.8L
0 445 110 376 Cumminse Isf2.8
0 445 110 446 JAC Verfijnen 2.8I foton Licht
0 445 110 623  
0 445 120 066 Volve Ec240b Ec240c
0 445 120 086 WEICHAI
0 445 120 087 WEICHAI
0 445 120 127 Weichai Wp12 352kw
0 445 120 130 WEICHAI
0 445 120 149 WEICHAI
0 445 120 150 Weichai Wp6 6.2L 170kw
0 445 120 160 Yuchai
0 445 120 170 Delonghi Truck and Weichai Wd10
0 445 120 213 Weichai Wd10
0 445 120 224 Shanxi Automobile Delong
0 445 120 244 Weichai
0 445 120 265 Weichai Foton JAC
0 445 120 372 YUCHAI
6110700587 MERCEDES BENZ
6110700687 MERCEDES BENZ
6110701687 Mercedes-benz Cdi
6510700587 MERCEDES BENZ

Any fuel that leaks past the needle valve in the Engine returns to the fuel tank through a return passage and line.

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Toyota fortuner

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